Parks and Water Resources
 The Milwaukee County Park system is one of the premier county park systems in the nation. It is an incredible resource. Here on the South Shore with Grant Park, Sheridan Park, the Oak Creek Parkway and Warnimount Park, we have some of the best parks in the county. We must work together to ensure that we can maintain these parks and pass them down to future generations with a sustainable funding model. Lake Michigan is vital to the beauty and recreational use of many of our parks, and we must all work together to preserve it for future generations. My wife and I had our first date in Seven Bridges Park and it's important to me that the Milwaukee County Parks are here for my daughter.
Economic Opportunity
 As some large employers have left the South Shore, we need our elected officials at every level to do everything they can to attract new, diversified and sustainable businesses to the area. I will work to attract businesses that will not just provide jobs today, but tomorrow as well. The South Shore will again be home to businesses that are committed to being good neighbors and real participants in our communities.

Public Safety
When law abiding citizens feel safe being out on the street it acts as a deterrent to crime. In Milwaukee County, traffic fatalities have increased by 25% since 2012, and pedestrian fatalities have increased an astounding 143% since 2016. During a similar time-frame the number of deputy sheriffs decreased from more than 600 to fewer than 300. I do not believe this is a coincidence. I will work to ensure that their are an adequate number of deputies to keep our streets and parks safe.

Public Transit
 Increasingly, businesses are looking for solid public transit systems when deciding where to locate their facilities. Good public transit assists with recruitment and retention as well as spurring collaboration and investment. If elected, I will work to ensure a dedicated source of funding for our public transit system, such as those a regional transit authority could provide. A world class public transit system will attract businesses and residents while allowing everyone to move more affordably and efficiently throughout Milwaukee County. I frequently use the 48 Flyer to get to work downtown. MCTS is a great asset to our County and needs to be properly supported. Increasingly, the South Shore will be the place for Millennials to buy homes, and they, like my family, will want an excellent public transit system.